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Intersection Data:
Routes: US 40, US 61, US 67, Interstate 64
Location: Frontenac, MO and Ladue, MO (Lindbergh Blvd./US 67 is the border)
Nearest Metro Area: St. Louis, MO
Street Names: N/S: Lindbergh Boulevard; E/W: Interstate 64
Control Type: Ramps
Subtype: SPUI
Visit Date: August 20, 2013
Visit Weather: 91°, sunny

I'm driving into Missouri from I-55/64/70 and continued on I-64/US 40 west until Lindbergh. At the border and in downtown St. Louis, I-64 is scary. The pavement on the bridge is coming apart. The lanes are narrow and there were no shoulders. The road is frighteningly high in the air. It struck fear in me. However, that all changed when I got further west. This segment was much better. The lanes were wider, the road had shoulders, and it's back at ground level. What I was most impress with, however, were the overpasses. They were clearly designed to be visually appealing, and I think they succeeded. Lindbergh goes under I-64/US 40, so you'll get an idea of what they look like. Meanwhile, this junction is a textbook SPUI (single point urban interchange), but with the Interstate running above, the lights on the main road were affixed right to the overpass. Add in a forest to the northwest, and this intersection had some really nice highway visuals.

Westbound US 40/I-64

Eastbound US 40/I-64/Southbound US 61

Northbound US 61/67

Southbound US 67

Westbound Exit Ramp

Eastbound Exit Ramp/Southbound US 61


Just because I like the funny sounding name...

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